Smart Remote


No Wiring

Recognized with reddot award 2019 and iF design award 2020, which are among the most renowned design awards in the globe since 1955.

Stay Online, Stay Smart

Unlike conventional wall switches that are unable to smart control your lights after they are turned off, Yeelight Smart Dimmer, which can be quickly connected to some Yeelight smart devices, makes your lights always online whether they are switched off or not, allowing you to control the devices freely anytime and anywhere.

* This dimmer is compatible with Yeelight smart ceiling light series, Yeelight Crystal Pendant Lamp and Yeelight Smart Curtain Motor. Control the devices freely anytime and anywhere.

Bluetooth Remote Control
No Disconnection from Power

Assisted by Bluetooth control, Yeelight Smart Dimmer makes the smart devices stay online without being disconnected from the power, which enables real-time voice & APP control and gives you more options for a better lighting experience.

No Wiring Required
“Remote Control” On the Wall

The hook & loop fastener on the back frees you
from the hassle of wiring, while enabling you to
install the switch anywhere to control the light
easily in the bed, sofa or any places you want.

Battery Life Up to Two Years

A low-power design with built-in button battery
supports a battery life of up to two years based
on a use frequency of 50 times per day (40 presses
and 10 rotations).

* The built-in battery needs to be purchased separately.

Integrated Features to Light Your Every Moment at Home

The all-in-one switch brings adjustment of brightness, color temperature, and color within your reach, delivering a great fun to everyone including elderly and children.

Press to switch

Rotate to adjust

Press and rotate to
adjust color temperature

Double press to switch
between daylight and
moonlight mode

Press and hold to
change color

Elegant White Color Perfectly Integrates Into Your Home

Classic white design can easily match different decoration styles, with simple and sleek lines revealing your fashion taste.

50,000 Press Tests to
Ensure a Durability

Trialed and tested by 50,000 presses, it provides an
excellent durability to keep you company longer.

Commitment to Quality in Every Detail

A sophisticated structure of quality materials creates a superior user experience.


Pairing button

3-second pressing for fast pairing with Yeelight lights

LED indicator (Orange)

Flashing indicator during pairing and controlling process

Rotary button

Larger contact area allows you to adjust light easily by pressing any part of the button.


Wireless Connection:
Standby Time:
Operating Temperature:
Operating Humidity:
Yeelight Wireless Smart Dimmer
BLE 4.2
3 years
Yeelight Smart LED Filament Bulb

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